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Kertas 2 Tahun 2000 : Bahasa Inggeris
You are advised to spend about 20 minutes on the question.

Read the following passage and then fill in each of the numbered blanks with one suitable word. The first blank has been filled for you. Remember to write out the numbers together with the answer on the answer sheets provided. Do not copy the entire passage.

Do you enjoy shopping during a sale? Many of my friends do. They find it exciting and they laugh at me for shivering at the thought.
When I see them returning from there shopping trips happily waving their (0) purchases, I am filled with admiration. But I __(1)__ that if I had joined them, I would __(2)__ ended up buying nothing. For I am one __(3)__ those who gets lost in a crowd. I __(4)__ quite fond of human beings, but not when __(5)__ are hundreds of them breathing, pushing and grabbing __(6)__ a small space.
Besides crowds, certain shop assistants __(7)__ me, especially those who are very eager to __(8)__. Most likely they think that I can buy __(9)__ whole shop. Just as frightening are those who __(10)__ not stop talking about the quality of their goods. Others ignore you, thinking you are not the sort to buy.
I had better face up to it - I just hate shopping. I do it once in a blue moon, when it just cannot be postponed any longer.

Adapted from
Sri Delima 'As I Was Passing'
You are advised to spend about 35 minutes on the question.

You received the following message from your friend, Linda.
Dear ...,

I have been offered a place in a residential school, 200 kilometres from home. Is is a popular school famous for its excellent academic performance. However, the long distance means that I might not be able to come home often and would miss all the good things at home. So, I am not sure whether to accept or reject the offer. I really need your advice on this matter.
Write a letter to Linda to advise her to accept or reject the offer. Give reasons to support your advice to her.

Your letter should be more than 100 words.
You are advised to spend about 35 minutes on the question.

You arrived very late at school one morning. Your teacher was very annoyed. Explain to your teacher why you were late. Make your explanation as interesting as possible. Use the pictures below to help you and provide a suitable ending.

Your response should be more than 150 words.
Sila laporkan jika terdapat sebarang kesulitan.