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Kertas 2 Tahun 1994 : Bahasa Inggeris
You are advised to spend about 20 minutes on the question.

Read the following passage and then fill in each of the numbered blanks with one suitable word. The first blank has been filled for you. Remember to write out the numbers together with the answer on the answer sheets provided. Do not copy the entire passage.

Long ago, children normally looked after parents when their parents grew old. However, the situation has (0) changed. Today, there are many children __(1)__ never or rarely visit their parents __(2)__ their hometowns. We even hear __(3)__ parents being sent to either nursing homes __(4)__ old folks' homes! Surely, this is not __(5)__ way we should treat our parents. Each and __(6)__ member of the family ought __(7)__ love and care for __(8)__ or her parents. If our parents had not __(9)__ after and educated us, __(10)__ would not be where we are today.

You are advised to spend about 35 minutes on the question.

You are the Head Prefect of your school. You have been asked to give a talk to the newly-appointed prefects. The topic is "The Qualities of a Good Prefect". Below are the notes you have made for your talk:
(a) good ar studies
(b) active in co-curricular activities
(c) neat and tidy
(d) disciplined and responsible
(e) honest and polite
(f) fair to all students

Using the notes above, write our your talk in not less than 100 words. You must mention and elaborate on each of the points. Include any other relevant information.

You may begin your talk like this:

Good morning fellow prefects,
I would like to talk on "The Qualities of a Good Prefect" ..................................................
You are advised to spend about 35 minutes on the question.

You have just moved to Bandar Aman. One day, your new friends took you araound town after school. Your sister, who is also interested in going to town, wants to know where you went in Bandar Aman.

Using the map below and the route shown on it, describe to your sister any five places you went to:
You must include in your description:
(i) the direction you took
(ii) the location of each landmark

Your description should not be less than 100 words. Do not use dialogue form.
Sila laporkan jika terdapat sebarang kesulitan.