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Kertas 2 Tahun 1993 : Bahasa Inggeris
You are advised to spend about 20 minutes on the question.

Read the following passage and then fill in each of the numbered blanks with one suitable word. The first blank has been filled for you. Remember to write out the numbers together with the answer on the answer sheets provided. Do not copy the entire passage.

"Have you ever participated in a Big Walk?" asked my friend, Fariz.
"No, but (0) I would like to take part __(1)__ the fun of it."
"Now, read this article," Fariz said." __(2)__ don't you compete in the Suria College 10-Kilometre Walk?"
I took the newspaper article from Fariz and this is __(3)__ infromation that I obtained: The competition __(4)__ open to all students above thirteen __(5)__ of age. It starts from the Chidren's Playground, __(6)__ front of the State Library, at 7.00 a.m. on Sunday, 3 October 1993. All participants will get __(7)__ cap each. Food hampers will __(8)__ given to the first ten winners in the junior __(9)__ senior categories.
After reading the article I decided __(10)__ register for the Walk. Fariz and I went together on foot just to get practice.

You are advised to spend about 35 minutes on the question.

You are the secretary of the Interact Club in your school. You have been asked by your president to interview Marina Abdullah, a former school athlete. She has just come back from her studies overseas.

Using the notes below, write out the interview in not less than 100 wards. Include any other relevant information.

Marina Abdullah
  • Family background - only child

  • First starts swimming - 5 years old

  • Training - Monday to Friday

  • Hobbies - Swimming, lestening to music

  • Prizes won - Best Athlete (school)
    -------------- Best Female Swimmer (state)
  • Advice for scgoolmates - reach for the stars

  • -------------- never give up

    Your answer must be in the form of an interview.
    Your firend, Nirmala, is the secretary of the English Language Society in her school. She feels that the society is not active and fails to attract many members. She asks for suggestions to make the society more active.

  • inter-class debates

  • spelling competitions

  • educational games

  • visits to interesting places

  • jumble sales

  • In not less than 100 words, write a letter to Nirmala telling her of your suggestions. In your letter, make use of the suggestions above. You must elaborate on each suggestion. Include any other relevant information.
    Sila laporkan jika terdapat sebarang kesulitan.